Anxiety problems are common in primary school children. Children with anxiety disorders are more likely than their peers to experience ongoing anxiety, other mental health problems and impaired quality of life in adulthood.


Psychological treatments work well for children with anxiety difficulties, but very few children access these treatments. Parents report considerable difficulties identifying a child’s anxiety problems and knowing whether a child may benefit from support or not, and find it hard to access support and services.  We want to find a way to minimise these barriers, and help ensure more children with anxiety problems receive effective support when they first need it.


Our aim is to develop and evaluate a new way of identifying children with anxiety problems who may benefit from support, and providing these children with effective support, through primary schools.


The iCATS (identifying Child Anxiety Through Schools) project is the first part of this process. In this project we will develop a short questionnaire that is quick and easy to administer, and able to accurately identify children who struggle with anxiety.


For more information, or if your school is interested in taking part, please contact us here.




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